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Stetson - Caps, Hats & Beanies

170 products

Lots of Stetson caps are shown below. When it comes to quality and history, Stetson is at the forefront. Their wide range of flat caps, adjustable caps and snapbacks are all very well made. Stetson Hats are timeless products that are always just as modern. They offer many classic models, such as the Brooklin and Texas models. Their fit is famous, as well as their accuracy in the selection of materials. By thinking through every detail, Stetson Hats have become a leading player in baseball caps.

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Co/Pe Braun Trilby - Stetson
Stetson AU$ 109.99
Toyo Blue Trilby - Stetson
Stetson AU$ 59.99
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Stetson – a brand with history

Stetson is fundamentally a hat manufacturer and was founded in 1865. They quickly became very popular, and within 20 years of starting out, they became the world's largest manufacturer of hats. Stetson caps have a part of Stetson's product line for a long time. With many different kinds of caps and classic models available, they have become a very popular brand in the trade over the years. They have brought the quality and popularity of their hats with them in manufacturing their caps. Stetson is and will probably always be one of the greatest players in the field for caps and other headgear.

Stetson’s founder was John Batterson Stetson. He moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to dig for gold. The sun was a big problem, but with a simple technique, he managed to create a hat of felt to protect himself against both sun and rain. This product was then to become a starting point and is still an important part of the Stetson trademark. John Batterson Stetson then moved back to the East Coast where he started to manufacture his hats. With the high demand for the products, they became so popular that Stetson became a part of American history. You could almost say that America has grown up with Stetson. Stetson is now sold outside of America and is today an international brand. Stetson is probably the most famous brand in hats, which has made it an iconic brand in the industry.

Stetson's popularity has been an important part of popularity in headgear. Many say that Stetson’s popular products in the United States became the basis of the huge number of baseball caps we see today in the US. Stetson caps have clearly been a mainstay in the cap industry’s history and popularity. If you have ever owned a Stetson hat, you can understand the feeling of real quality, fine materials and perfect details. These parts make the Stetson Hat one of the top hats to wear.

Buy your new Stetson-hat online at Hatstore today. We offer fast delivery and friendly customer service. On many of our Stetson hats, you can also choose a text to add to the side of the cap, which makes your Stetson hat even more personal and unique.