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Fitted hats have long been a staple in the world of headwear. Unlike their adjustable counterparts, these hats are designed for a specific head size, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Their history traces back to the baseball fields, where players wore them not just as part of their uniform but as a symbol of their team spirit.

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Fitted Hats are available in various types. The best known is the New Era 59Fifty model. This model is the flagship model of New Era, and is their most popular model. The 59Fifty has a straight peak and the size is measured in inches. The sizes go up in small steps and the caps are available in many different sizes, in order to offer the perfect size for all. The disadvantage of 59Fifty may be that it is difficult to find the right size, but once you have found the right size, you have found a hat that fits perfectly. Therefore, it is important to measure carefully and compare with the size guides to find the correct size. The most popular 59Fifty-caps by New Era are the Authentic models and MLB Basic. These are classic and some of the most timeless hats available. The sleek shape with simple and well-known team logos make them forever bestselling caps.

In addition to the 59Fifty, there are also other fitted caps. These are usually in two sizes with a more elastic fit. Which model fits the best is completely individual. Elastic material creates a good fit for a fitted-cap, but the 59Fifty with their exact sizes, makes the cap seems custom when you find the right size. Many Fitted Hats are very similar to flexfit caps. The main difference being the straight or curved peak. Brands often offer exactly the same cap in both fitted and flexfit variants in order to be able to cater for everyone, whether they prefer curved or straight peaks. Pick out your new fitted cap with care at Hatstore and do not forget to double-check that you have chosen the right size. Should there be any questions about the sizes of our fitted caps, please contact us so we can help you.