Delivery information

Major delivery delays
See checkout for current delivery times for each shipping option.

We ship with Australia Post to your delivery address. If delivery at your mailbox/door is not possible, the package will instead be delivered at your closest pick up point. All orders are shipped from Sweden.

Standard delivery time: 7-11 business days

Express delivery time: 3-4 business days

1 day extra for custom hats with customised design such as embroideries, flags, labels and text.

For custom made hats with own logo the delivery time is 7-18 days (Express 3-6 business days)

Free shipping on orders over AU$ 59
Standard shipping cost: AU$ 7,99
Express delivery cost: AU$ 29,99

All orders are dispatched from Sweden. It is possible the package will be held up in the customs process, this is due to country laws and not something Hatstore can affect. Note that any eventual customs and/or import fees are for the reciever to pay